Ann Chong

Manager (Renewals & Recordals)

Ann Chong is one of Henry Goh’s pioneers, having joined the firm in 1990. She offers significant expertise in the areas of Malaysian and foreign patents and industrial designs and has served as a Manager in the Patent Department since 2005.

Her extensive experience in the procedures and practice of intellectual property protection and close rapport with officials of the Malaysian IP Office (MyIPO) and the Brunei IP Office (BruIPO) are invaluable to the firm and its clients.

As one of our senior Managers, Ann ably supervises the Renewals and Recordals team and astutely oversees the substantial portfolio of Malaysian and overseas patent and design renewals and recordals for the Department.

Her comprehensive insight coupled with the uncanny ability to work well under pressure and to multi-task efficiently ensures that the Renewals and Recordals team safely, accurately and efficiently navigates the numerous legal rules and deadlines of various foreign jurisdictions, in addition to those of Malaysia and Brunei.

Additionally, she manages the general administration of our physical and virtual office, including our in-house Case Management System.

Ann’s wealth and depth of knowledge has been instrumental in the Department’s ongoing in-house training efforts of our loyal team of support staff.

In her leisure time, Ann finds running to be a great way to stay active and to clear her mind. She also enjoys discovering new music and experiencing the energy of live concerts.