Chin Jian Hao

IT Manager

Chin Jian Hao joined Henry Goh in 2009 and leads the dedicated IT team. He plays a pivotal role in providing essential technical support and innovative solutions that contribute significantly to the day-to-day operations of the firm.

With over two decades of experience and extensive knowledge in Information Technology, Chin takes on the responsibility of overseeing and maintaining all computer systems and networks within the firm, ensuring their functionality and performance. His expertise in hardware management extends to strategic oversight of servers and network architectures. This role is crucial in ensuring not only the functionality of these systems but also their optimal performance and scalability to meet evolving needs of the firm.

One of the highlights of Chin’s career at Henry Goh is his instrumental role in the design, planning, and development of the firm’s customized case management system. Working in close collaboration with operations teams, he not only planned the system but also managed the process of testing, installation, and successful implementation. This achievement underscores his ability to bridge the gap between technology and operational needs, resulting in an efficient and tailored solution that enhances overall business processes.

In 2024, in recognition of his excellent work and leadership, Chin was promoted to the position of IT Manager. In this role, he continues to be a driving force in Henry Goh’s technology journey, contributing to the firm’s success by leveraging his information technology expertise and aligning it with the firm’s strategic goals.