Henry Goh Executive Director - Joanne Wong

Joanne Wong

Executive Director
Head of Administration

Joanne Wong, as Head of Administration in Henry Goh, oversees the Admin and Records Department as well as Finance which are under her direct supervision. Having been an integral part of Henry Goh, Joanne stands as one of its pioneering members, bringing a wealth of experience and dedication to her responsibilities.

Joanne is responsible, in co-operation with the Management Team, for maintaining and improving policies that will encourage optimum staff efficiency and ensuring the smooth day-to-day operations of the firm. Working in tandem with the Management Team, she plays a crucial role in crafting and monitoring the organization’s budget and offering strategic advice for annual projects and long-term planning to meet set targets.

Joanne’s ability to build relationships and foster collaboration ensures projects are completed on time and on budget. Her enduring commitment to excellence and proactive approach to problem-solving make her an invaluable asset to Henry Goh.