Lew Choy Foong

HR & Admin Manager

Choy Foong joined Henry Goh as our HR and Admin manager in 2023. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration with honours from the University of Malaya.

Prior to joining Henry Goh, Choy Foong worked as an administrative and human resources practitioner for more than 20 years in a variety of industries. Choy Foong has acquired substantial expertise in overseeing employee relations, recruitment, and organizational development. Her dedication to staying abreast of HR trends and best practices ensures that she brings innovative and useful solutions to every aspect of HR management throughout her professional career.

In her role as HR and Admin Manager, Choy Foong is in charge of overseeing the HR and administrative duties of the organization. She is accountable for tasks such as recruitment, talent management, employee relations, performance management, and overseeing administrative functions. She is responsible for managing the daily operations of the Human Resources Department and collaborating with the Management Team to enhance employee engagement and organizational effectiveness. Additionally, she plays an important role in implementing and enforcing company policies and procedures to ensure legal compliance.

Throughout her career, Choy Foong has been recognized for her dependability, integrity, and dedication to her work. She has also consistently demonstrated a good work ethic and dedication to maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

During free time, Choy Foong enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends and engaging in outdoor activities. Choy Foong believes that maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for personal well-being and overall success in both professional and personal endeavours.

Choy Foong is an experienced human resources practitioner who has earned an impressive reputation for her ability to manage, reliability, honesty, and commitment to achieving expectations. Her vast experience and practical knowledge coupled with a strong educational background make her an important asset to the Henry Goh team.