Tham Sau Yin

Chief Executive Officer

Tham Sau Yin is one of the firm’s longest serving members and she has seen it all at Henry Goh since 1990. In the course of her IP career that spans more than three decades, she has risen through the ranks from her operation days in the trademark department, being our founder Mr Goh’s right-hand woman, TM Manager, then Head of TM Formalities, General Manager and Executive Director of the company – an important management position she has held since 2008.

Her infallible wisdom, foresight and acute sense of responsibility stood her in good stead as Sau Yin has led the trademark department through many triumphant accolades and even now, as our new CEO, she will continue to lead and guide the firm as a whole to greater heights – Henry Goh from being a pioneer of IP in Malaysia in the last half a century to an industry trailblazer in the new era.

Prior to March 2024, Sau Yin, as Head of Trademark (Formalities) managed a team of employees, providing leadership and guidance to ensure successful filing of trademark applications and prosecution work as well as meeting and advising clients, both local and foreign. She also frequently represented clients before the Registry in non-contentious hearings. Her experience ensures the faultless operation of the trademark prosecution practice.

Her warm and approachable personality has endeared her to all staff, examiners, associates and clients alike. Sau Yin is a member of the Malaysian Intellectual Property Association (MIPA) and the International Trademark Association (INTA). Her years as a trademark agent and her participation at various local and international events have exposed her to the intricacies of trademark law and practice and the knowledge and experience thus gained have stood her in good stead in dealing both with clients and the trademark authorities.