Wong Qi Yuen

Patent Agent

Qi Yuen graduated in 2017 with an honours degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Nottingham Malaysia. For his undergraduate industrial training, he served as a quality assurance engineer at a well-known multi-national electronics company. With a clear vision to forge a meaningful career in IP, he joined Henry Goh as a patent engineer quite immediately upon graduation and delved right into preparing for the Malaysian Patent Agent examinations.

In 2020, Qi Yuen progressed to the next level as a registered patent agent in Malaysia.

As a newly-minted agent, Qi Yuen is building his professional experience brick by brick. His daily responsibilities encompass the breadth of patent filing and prosecution with the Malaysian IP Office for a variety of clients. His ability to communicate in both written and spoken Chinese endears him to clients who are more comfortable in that language.

His skills and technical knowledge transcend engineering and IP. Qi Yuen has a great knack for videography and photography.